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Remodel Your Way to a Healthier Lifestyle!

It sounds crazy, but researchers at Houzz say a kitchen remodel led to a healthier lifestyle for at least a third of homeowners in 2016. Here are some of the specific changes homeowners reported following a kitchen remodel:

It’s hard to believe that your dream kitchen can influence how many fruits and vegetables you eat, but it makes a little more sense with some context. According to Houzz, kitchen remodels are often started when homeowners can no longer stand to be in their old kitchen. Outdated, impractical kitchens can be stressful, and we understand why homeowners might avoid these. Unfortunately, avoiding the kitchen comes at a cost. As fast food replaces the homecooked meal, the ultimate outcome of a dated kitchen is often an unhealthy lifestyle.

Houzz reports that 76 percent of homeowners cook five or more meals per week in their newly remodeled kitchen. If the secret to making cooking fun again is a kitchen remodel, our diets and bank accounts are in luck! When we cook at home, we have more control over the ingredients, sides, and portions. This means that we can easily swap out a side of fries for a side salad without an upcharge. At home, even guac isn’t extra!

Eating healthy isn’t the only benefit of getting started on your dream kitchen. As mentioned above, kitchen remodels can also lead to more family time. More working at home, baking, and sit-down meals were also reported. This is without taking into consideration the relief of having a kitchen that works for you.

We believe that, as the heart of every home, your kitchen should make you feel happy rather than stressed. We’re even more convinced of this after reading this year’s Houzz report. Check out the full report here. If you’re ready to renovate your way to a healthier lifestyle, visit one of our showrooms today!

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