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New Marsh Designers: Earn $100 with your First Order!

Are you a new designer with Marsh Cabinets? Are you a dealer that’s recently become an authorized Marsh partner? The Learn & Earn promotion wants to reward you and your team for placing Marsh orders!

Learn & Earn ensures that Marsh customers are experts with the Marsh product line and efficiently guides designers toward making their first Marsh Cabinets purchase. Divided into a three-part webinar series, the Intro to Marsh training covers general product information, tips for designing with Marsh, and the ins-and-outs of Marsh order forms. Once you complete the training, we’ll mail you a special Marsh Cabinets gift along with a certificate that can be redeemed for a $100 gift card after you’ve placed your first Marsh order. To be eligible, the order must have a cost of $1,000 or greater and must be placed within 60 days of completing the training.

This tailored training was developed by Mary Baber, Marsh’s Design & Training Manager. Mary’s past experience includes 20 years in the kitchen and bath industry as a designer. Her expert knowledge of the Marsh Cabinets product line coupled with her design background helped her create training content that includes everything you need to know to start designing with Marsh.

If you’re new to the Marsh dealer network, you’ll receive an invitation to participate along with your spec book as well as via an email directly from If you’re a new designer joining one of our dealers, please contact your Marsh Sales Representative to be registered for the Learn & Earn promo. Once you’ve registered, Mary will email you a link to view the three-part Intro to Marsh webinar.

If you’re not a dealer, but you’re ready to become one, please sign up to join our network of authorized Marsh Cabinets dealers by clicking here. After your account is set up, we’ll send you an invitation to participate in the Learn & Earn program.

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