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Check Out Our New History Wall!

At Marsh Furniture Company, we love to talk about our rich history and our heritage. That’s because we’re proud of our background as a local, family-owned business that has been operating for more than 110 years. To celebrate our history, we created a Marsh History Wall made up of a number of artifacts that represent a moment in the company’s evolution.

Our story begins in 1906, when Julius Everett Marsh bought Marsh Furniture Company from the group of investors who had joined him in starting the kitchen furniture manufacturer. A receipt of the transaction resides at the beginning of our history wall.

In 1906, the Company was just a one-room shop in High Point, North Carolina—the furniture capital of the world, and the place where our 700,000-square-foot facility stands today. Our heritage revolves around the High Point community and not just because of our relationship with furniture (before cabinets got their name, we manufactured “kitchen furniture”). High Point is our home. It’s a community that has given us more than our founder could have imagined possible.

That’s why we do our part to help support the community that continues to support us after 110 years. As we continue growing our presence across the eastern half of the United States, we remember not to lose sight of our local impact. Even while we partner with customers outside of North Carolina, we look for customers who share our goal of improving the local communities in which we operate.

Alluding to our habit of choosing partners who share our values is the history wall, which serves as more than a Marsh timeline of events. Marsh Furniture Company is defined by our values. Five plaques that describe the values that matter most to us are spread throughout the wall. Those five values—honorable, considerate, discerning, forward-thinking, and committed—are the characteristics that guide Marsh Furniture Company, that guide the individuals that make up our team of more than 600 employees, and that guide many of our customers.

It is that set of values that attracts our customers and helps us build lasting relationships with them. The local businesses we partner with, in many cases, share our background and experience. We understand our customers’ businesses because we’ve been there. Marsh Furniture Company started as a small, family-owned company more than 110 years ago, and we remain as dedicated to building enduring relationships today as we were when we first opened our doors.

With our values and our relationships carrying us forward, we hope to be around for another 110 years to serve our customers and our communities. In the meantime, take a look at our first 110 years below.


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