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Painted Cabinets, Say Hello to Texture!

Bring in texture with Painted Oak cabinets and more.


The popularity of painted cabinets continues to dominate kitchen and bath design. Until now, our painted cabinetry has featured our paintable hardwood species, with a flat, satiny smooth surface. This finish is popular precisely because it creates a clean, consistent backdrop for other design elements.


How about the beautiful look of painted cabinets… plus texture?

Recently, Marsh introduced Painted Oak—so now, the understated, uniform look of paint meets distinctive oak texture. Painted Oak answers the trend toward rich textures that make a space feel cozy, organic, and human.

Solid oak tends to have deeper, more pronounced grain than other wood species typically used to create the smooth, flat painted look. So, even when painted, a little bit of oak grain will show through as texture—a difference you can see and feel.

Since cabinets are usually the largest investment in a kitchen or bath design, now Painted Oak from Marsh can make your cabinets an integral part of any texture story.


Why is texture important?

Physical texture adds dimension to design. But texture is not just something for you to touch. We see texture, too, and associate it with certain styles and feelings. Picture the cozy feel of felted wool versus the roughness of jute, or the pliable touch of leather versus cut stone. Painted Oak from Marsh adds texture you can feel up close. But even from across the room, you can see there’s something more going on.


What is the texture trend all about? Why texture now?

We consulted Mary Baber, design manager for Marsh Cabinets, who told us, “Perhaps texture has become so important because of the ongoing popularity of painted cabinets and the growing appeal of modern, minimalist design. Across all styles, kitchens and baths inherently have many hard, reflective surfaces such as countertops, appliances, and decorative hardware. Without added texture, the space can feel cold and over-polished.

“If you still prefer a monochromatic color palette, textured cabinets are a way to add a lot of interest and comfort to a space,” she said. “Without having to introduce strong color.”


Textures that work with Painted Oak

According to Mary, “Texture should never be treated as an afterthought. Painted Oak creates the opportunity to integrate texture into any design from the start, to complement and contrast with other design elements.”

Consider Painted Oak as a primary textural element, one that goes with:

Mary recommends Painted Oak whether your statement includes a little or a lot of texture: “If you prefer layers and layers of texture in your overall design—from refined to chunky—Painted Oak is a great place to start. If you want just a little, the subtlety of Marsh Painted Oak is a great way to show texture without all the layers.”

Ask a Marsh dealer about Painted Oak.

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